Nick Lamart


Nick Lamart

(919) 780 9939

Originally a California native who later moved to North Carolina as a teen, Nick brings an element of affability and presence to the already well-rounded Hines Group of BHHS Robert Paul.

Prior to Nick graduating from Bryant University in 2018, he secured a position as a financial adviser in the Boston area, intent on adding maximum value to his clients' experience and realizing win/win outcomes wherever possible. As the nature of this position began to shift from helping other people towards prioritizing the bottom dollar, Nick decided to move on.  

Nick had always considered the prospect of real estate, highlighting the potential to develop stronger relationships with people and help them in a more meaningful way. Since starting in the fall of 2018, Nick has zoned in on the Boston area sales market which has proven to be his passion. His overarching goal is simple: to provide the most knowledgeable, pleasant, and seamless transaction experience possible to his clients. And to enjoy each interaction along the way.

Nick is a lover of traveling and music. He lived in China for a half-year, and is fortunate enough to have visited most countries in Southeast Asia. He plays piano, drums, guitar, and writes original music.