Jemma Tory

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Jemma Tory

Owner, Caliope Healing

Jemma has walked many paths and learned from many teachers, yet becoming a mom has had the greatest impact on her life. Through the love, the lessons, observations, conversations and struggles with her incredible child, Jemma is  constantly refining and refocusing a deeply rooted passion: to help people connect to their hearts, bodies and minds through curiosity, balance, awareness and mindfulness.  Her mission is to communicate and collaborate through the power of creation and connection to self, soul and others. Jemma’s endeavors all share common distinctions; creation, connection, communication and collaboration.

With a masters in Theatre Education, Jemma went on to receive her 200-hour yoga certification from Iron Crow Yoga Studio followed by 100 hours of Anusara Yoga Immersions 1, 2 and 3. She graduated from Spa Tech Institute with a license in Therapeutic Massage and has continue to study modalities such as cupping, myofacial techniques with Tom Myers, cranial sacral and level 2 Reiki training.  Most recently, she completed a 300-hour Shamanic energy training and holistic health coaching certification.

Jemma has arrived at a place in her life where anything and everything is possible. Her daily intention is to let go and trust and encourage others to see the beauty of sharing experiences together and to connect to something larger than themselves.  It is the gratitude that Jemma holds for her greatest gift and most powerful teacher that inspires her to help people grow and heal through creative expression, compassionate listening and loving support of this ever diverse world around them.