Alicia Sabbio

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Alicia Sabbio

Co-Founder of North Shore Picnic Company

North Shore Picnic Company is a local mother-daughter team with the goal of helping our neighbors reconnect, after a very long year at home. Their mission is to create a unique, cozy picnic environment for locals to get together, all while being safely outside. 

North Shore Picnic Company works together with their clients to create a unique, custom-made picnic for their customers and loved ones to enjoy. North Shore Picnic Company takes all the stress out of event planning so that their customs can focus on treating themselves to a beautiful picnic along the stunning North Shore!

This local company sets the mood for any occasion; from elegant picnics set on the beach to their custom made to-go snack boxes, which are the perfect accessory to any event! Let North Shore Picnic Company create a special gift for you today!