Dmitriy Khesin

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Dmitriy Khesin

Robert Paul Properties Senior Sales Associate

Born in Russia, Dmitriy Khesin emigrated to the Greater Boston area at five years old and quickly learned that hard work is the foundation of success. After graduating from Northeastern University in 2010, he began cultivating a thorough knowledge of the real estate landscape while renovating and leasing properties across the city. He quickly demonstrated a keen understanding of the local markets and, recognizing his ability to bring even the most complicated deals together, became an agent in 2013.

Since then, Dmitriy has developed a broad network of homebuyers and sellers who value the expertise, integrity, and relentless work ethic that he brings every day. A deft communicator, he knows that honesty and trust are vital to delivering a client’s needs and unfailingly exhibits a firm commitment to these characteristics. Bringing extensive experience in the purchase and sales of multi-family homes as investment properties throughout Boston, Dmitriy has built longstanding relationships with many first-time buyers who continue to seek his guidance long after the transaction is complete. With the steadfast belief that it’s best to zig when everyone else zags, he keeps a strong pulse on the market to empower clients with the most up-to-date analysis and ultimately make carefully calculated decisions at every juncture.

In his down time, he enjoys being with his wife and two sons, bodybuilding, and undertaking his own renovating and remodeling projects.

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